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A medium provides evidence of survival of the human personality beyond the physical state we call death. They are the link between the two worlds communicating with people who have died, this is achieved through mind-to-mind contact.

The medium first priority is to produce enough information to satisfy the enquirer that their family member, friend or loved one is with them and that they still survive, the Medium should be able to give a physical description, their personality, what work they did, what illness they died of, their reason for communicating and of course Memory links; all of which can help the recipient to establish who their communicator is.

Modern Spiritualism began in 1848 when sensational spirit communications in Hydesville led to rapid developments throughout America, eventually reaching Europe including Britain. Mediums who demonstrate in Spiritualist Churches are carefully monitored by the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) which helps to ensure that their mediumship is to a high standard.

Mediumship takes two main forms:

Physical Mediums; Physical phenomena is of such a nature that it is usually demonstrated only at private sťances. Any person sitting with the medium can hear or see what is happening. By means of raps, audible voices or materialised figures the spirit people convey intimate information about themselves, their recollection of their earthly lives and details of their lives in the spirit world.

Mental Mediums:

Mental phenomena is demonstrated through the mind of a medium. Mediums identify three forms of mental mediumship:

1. CLAIRVOYANCE when mediums see the spirit
2. CLAIRAUDIENCE when mediums hear the spirit
3. CLAIRSENTIENCE when mediums senses the presence and the thoughts of the spirit.
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