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You may have come across this page because someone you love has died and you are looking for answers as to why they left you, why they were taken from you, where are they now, why do I sometimes feel them around me, the answers to this are not always easy to find. What a Spiritualist Medium may be able to help you with is to prove that that life continues and that your loved one is always around you. I hope this will be the first step on a journey that will not only bring you the comfort you need but also lead you to towards a fuller understanding of the purpose of life and death.

It is always best to wait for your grief to settle before you have a one to one consultation with a medium. I would however suggest that your very first step should be to seek out a Spiritualist Church. This will not only give you insight into how mediumship works but will also surround you with people who have trodden the same path and have received personal proof that death is not the end. You will find hope, comfort and friendly support within the Church. Although it may not feel like it right now, you will smile again but it will take time before the healing process is completed, as an ancient African Proverb reminds us "The night may be long but Dawn will always break".

For private sittings please contact me on 0781 2850810.
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