Jo Allen CSNU
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I am a Spiritualist Medium, Clairvoyant based in Redditch, Worcestershire.

I was trained as a medium by the SNU (Spiritualists' National Union) the recognised body for the religion of Spiritualism in the UK.
Medium Clairvoyant

I hold the SNU certificate of recognition award (CSNU) for demonstrating mediumship and public speaking (ds).

I have tutored mediumship development classes at both Bromsgrove and Redditch SNU Spiritualist churches. I serve at over forty Spiritualist churches across the Midlands, and I am also available for workshops and private sittings.

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I have been in the Spiritualist movement for many years, my first visit to a Spiritualist Church was for proof that my Father was still around me, even though I could not see him... that proof has been given many times over, so much so that I am now working as a Spirit Medium myself which has allowed me to give everyone else that feeling of hope, comfort, love and of course the evidence and knowledge that their loved ones are only a thought away.

This is from the pen of that considerable thinker and poet,
Mr. Gerald Massey.

"Spiritualism has been for me, in common with many others, such a lifting of the mental horizon and letting-in of the heavens--such a formation of faith into facts, that I can only compare life without it to sailing on board ship with hatches battened down and being kept a prisoner, living by the light of a candle, and then suddenly, on some splendid starry night, allowed to go on deck for the first time to see the stupendous mechanism of the heavens all aglow with the glory of God."

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